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Wholesale Clothing Używanej IFS - exclusive direct importer of used clothing and new was created to meet the needs of owners of used clothing stores. We are a direct importer of used clothes cheaper on the coast. At the moment, we import used clothing from France, Italy, the USA and England, but we are implementing our used clothing market in Ireland.

Our Offer
  • express delivery in 24 hours
  • Recent collectionsdirect importer
  • New delivery every week
  • 200,000 pieces of clothing in stock

Foreign hand clothes that we import is always sorted. Before you get to your store will prove it once again by our staff.

We continually work with one of the largest textile companies in the world that produces the majority of English and French brands

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 We know how hard it in Poland to start your own business, so we have prepared for you the information that should help you to the beginning of His own Business  


Individual approach
Timely realization
Experienced personnel
Company today


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Mohito Polish brand in our offer .
ul. Harcerska 6A
82-500 Kwidzyn, POLAND
VAT: PL 5811808508
tel. +48 503 085 095 (PL, ENG)
tel. +48 513 080 064 (PL, ENG)
tel. +48 511 158 595 (RUS, PL)
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